Ranked: Deer Tick Tracks

We're geeks. We study for shows. As we pour through Deer Tick's catalog in preparation for their Ramkat debut, here's our take on the top tracks.

1. Miss K
A toe-tapping throw-back, beckoning you to belt out the chorus.

2. Dirty Dishes
Although it is one of Deer Tick's earliest songs, we've just recently heard it. And, its warm familiarity sounds like its been in our headphones our whole lives.

3. Smith Hill (2018)
Incredible reboot of a previous track; the most glowing bronze medal you'll hear.

4. Big House
Amazing lyrics, allowed to shine over minimalist guitar picking.

5. Ashamed
Harmonies. Strings. Nothing to be ashamed of here.

6. Twenty Miles
The song that got us into Deer Tick -- a great gateway drug.

7. Jumpstarting
Raucous electric jam, showcasing another side of the band.

8. Only Love
Only beautiful. That's all.

9. Sea of Clouds
Channeling Neutral Milk Hotel, while remaining distinctly Deer Tick.

10. Card House
While Twenty Miles was our first exposure to Deer Tick, this is the song that made us love them.