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Akita: Doggone Good Funk

The dog breed Akita is known for power, dominance, and friendliness.

The name certainly fits. Patrick Buckley and Zak Ferrell, drummer and bassist respectively, are the founders of the band Akita. The six members were carefully chosen. “This isn’t about just cutting a record. This is about finding my best friends.”

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Down the Mountain

The trio Down the Mountain is making a name for themselves through a string of performances around their native Davie County, NC. As they prepare for a show at Mocksville’s O’Callahan’s Bar on Thursday, Maggie Hendrix Foster sat down with the band to talk about songwriting inspirations, upcoming collaborations, and run-ins with lady-cops on Burke Street.

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Ranked: Cold War Kids Tracks

We've always loved "Robbers and Cowards," and the first four tracks on this list are from that album. They were also hallmarks of a mixed CD we made in Fall of 2006, and we'll always associate the season with their sound. As we compiled our ranking 12 years later, we realized the classics are still our favorites...but Cold War Kids has released some great contenders ever since.

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