Ranked: John Moreland Tracks

John Moreland is from Oklahoma. You'll see the letters "OK" in his Twitter handle, and you'll hear the influence of his home state throughout his songs. This is the place he learned to play guitar at age 10. It's the place he longs to stay forever -- or break free from, depending on which way the prairie wind blows.  Across two tracks in our top 3 spots, he's on the proverbial fence. He begs for transience in "Lies I Chose to Believe" ("get me out of these damn desert states") and embraces permanence in "Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars." He's still questioning his fate when we break into the #4 spot: "Should I go to Texas or Tennessee / or lock myself in Tulsa and throw away the key?" 

Wherever he goes, we know one thing: he has incredible staying power.



Beer Pairing

Moreland's voice sounds like whiskey tastes: it's warm, with a bite. We knew we wanted a hearty Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, and looked no further than his Oklahoma stomping grounds. Territorial Reserve from Coop Ale Works has the same pride for location that drips from John's songs. It's aged in dark barrels under the burning Oklahoma sun. In that way, it's reminiscent of how Moreland came of age in a place that can be hot in temperature and cold in embrace. Above all, it is as distinctive as John Moreland's sound: 


"Marked with unmistakable notes of oak and whiskey, as well as strong flavors of dark chocolate and caramel, the culmination of flavor is distinctive and delicious."


territorial bourbon barrel.jpg