2018 Record Store Day Playlist

It's here: our 2018 Record Store Day playlist. We couldn't find a comprehensive one, so we created it. It's so massive, it had had to be split across two Spotify playlists, and we found all but two songs to represent this year's list. Here's our criteria:

  1. Ideally, we included a song exactly as it appears on the RSD release. If we couldn't find one, we proceeded with the following
    • The same title from a different release. 
    • If the same title was not available, we went with something similar by the same banc to go for something similar (e.g., "Weightless" vs. "The Weight of History" by Brian Eno). 
  2. If an artist has multiple RSD releases, we included multiple songs on the playlist (unless the multiple RSD releases are just on different formats, commonly LP and CD).
  3. For split EPs, we chose the first band unless that band is already included on the playlist. If both bands are covering a song by the second band, we included the second band instead.
  4. If the RSD release is a cover album, we chose a song by the band doing the cover rather than the band being covered. If the band doing the cover was not on Spotify, we included a song by the original band. 


Eric Proctormusic